Construction firms wanted for HSE health-model pilot

Small and medium-sized construction companies are being urged to join a pilot scheme led by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that looks at ways to reduce ill health within the industry.

It is in the process of developing an OH management model, which will provide advice to construction companies on issues such as manual handling, hand-arm vibration, noise-induced hearing loss and dermatitis.

It has estimated that some 96,000 workers whose current or most recent job was in construction have suffered from ill health caused – or made worse – by their work, costing the sector about 180m a year.

The model, which takes the form of a flow-chart, is currently being piloted by a range of construction companies.

“But more are needed to effectively evaluate the model’s content and structure, and to provide feedback,” said a spokesperson for the HSE.

“Those testing the model will be able to look at their current health management processes and decide what, if any, changes need to be implemented,” the spokesperson added.

Companies taking part will be provided with a detailed paper explaining the model, a CD containing a draft of the model, contact details for ongoing HSE support, and a confidential baseline questionnaire.

Any companies interested in taking part can go to or e-mail

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