Corporate manslaughter audio guide: Is your organisation prepared?

What HR can do to minimise the risk of corporate manslaughter claims under the new Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, including:

  • What is changing in the law? (00m41s)
  • What penalties do companies face? (05m15s)
    Includes news on fines companies can face and a warning to employers providing company cars
  • What can HR do to follow the new law? (07m43s)
    Includes practical steps on identifying and training senior managers, altering employment contracts and how HR can lead work in this area
  • Does the new law go far enough to make companies change their behaviour in the light of health and safety? (14m44s)

Presenter Louisa Peacock talks to employment partners Tom Flanagan at Pinsent Masons and David Leckie at Maclay, Murray & Spens to find out exactly what HR needs to be concerned about with the new law and practical steps they can do in the workplace right now to be prepared for changes in corporate manslaughter law.

Listen to our employer’s guide to corporate manslaughter law (18m00s)

For more information on the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2008, coming into effect on 6 April, visit our Corporate manslaughter: legal Q&A

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