CPD quiz answers: Food for thought

1. c – Download the government document Tackling Obesity, for more details on high-risk diseases caused or made worse by obesity. See resources for the URL.

2. a – But other countries adopting a western-style culture are not far behind.

3. d – Consider your own diet and how you can improve it, including increasing the fibre content. Explore some of the resources below for more information on the glycemic index and glycemic load.

4. b – This helps to explain why people reach a plateau when dieting. Perhaps increasing your knowledge of the GI and GL will enable you to help clients with this problem.

5. d

6. c

7. b – Explore the website listed below in the resources for information on the Moon Walk and consider involving your company in such an event to promote health and wellbeing.

8. c – This is an extremely low sickness absence rate. How does your company fare? Would introducing a programme such as this help to reduce your absence rate?

9. a

10. d

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