CPD quiz: Confidentiality

Life-long learning and continuing professional development (CPD) are the processes by which professionals, such as nurses, develop and improve their practice.

There are many ways to address CPD: formally, by attending courses, study days and workshops or informally, through private study and reflection.

Reading articles in professional journals is a good way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the field of practice, but reflecting on what you have learned is not always easy.

These questions are designed to help you identify what you have learned from studying the article. They will also help you to clarify what you can apply in practice, what you did not understand and what you need to explore further.

1.  Which royal prince was involved in one of the earliest court cases for breach of confidentiality?

a) Prince Edward
b) Prince William
c) Prince Harry
d) Prince Albert

2.   What does the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Code of Practice state that its members must do?

a) Ignore employees’ needs, but respect confidentiality~
b) Respect legitimate needs and confidentiality
c) Respect employees’ requests for confidentiality
d) Treat confidentiality seriously

3.   In which part of the Employment Practices Data Protection Code is information about workers’ health found?

a) Part 1
b) Part 2
c) Part 3
d) Part 4

4.   Who are the stakeholders who should be involved with developing policies and procedures for OH referral?

a) OH, HR, management and staff representatives and/or trade unions
b) OH and management
c) Just OH, as it is an OH policy
d) Just HR

5.   Where was it suggested Mr Brown was referred for more information on disability and employment?

a) RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind)
b) Equality and Human Rights Commission
c) Acas
d) His own solicitor

6.   Besides maintaining confidentiality, what is the OH nurse required to do following her interview with Mr Brown?

a) Keep a written record
b) Report to management
c) Discuss the case with the OH physician
d) Nothing

7.   Which takes precedence – Mr Brown’s confidentiality or health and safety concerns?

a) Neither – they are equal
b) Confidentiality, but only regarding his disability
c) Confidentiality
d) Health and safety concerns

8.   What is important when dealing with issues of confidentiality?

a) Thinking positively
b) Maintaining the client’s trust
c) Maintaining good relations with management
d) Keeping your job

9.    Who or what is responsible for regulating and enforcing the access to and use of personal information?

a) Secretary of state
b) Information Commissioners Office
c) The government
d) HR

10.  Who should have control of OH records?

a) OH department
b) Employer
c) Health and safety
d) HR

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