Healthier workers are more productive

People with good health can be 20 per cent more productive than their less healthy colleagues, according to initial findings from a pilot project by OH and well-being company, Vielife.

The company, which has a track record of working with big organisations such as Unilever and Standard Life Healthcare, is piloting a programme designed to measure an employee’s health against their productivity.

It is working with around five employers, all of which have 3,000 to 5,000 employees.

The health and well-being of workers are measured at the start of the programme, then at six months and after a year.
Interventions are then put in place and the productivity of the employees is monitored to see if there is any correlation between their health and their productivity.

“The early results, after six months, show that there is a correlation,” managing director Clive Pinder told Occupational Health.

“People with a high health and well-being score are up to 20 per cent more productive than those with a low score, which is the equivalent of an extra day a week,” he added.

The company is now evaluating more data, from which it hopes to produce a range of energy and resilience programmes.

Issues that need to be addressed include sleeping and eating properly, optimising energy during the working day, maintaining the best health and well-being and minimising stress, added Pinder.

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