Just a quarter make lifestyle choices to cut cardiovascular disease risk

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Only a quarter of UK adults make conscious decisions about their health and lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, survey results have indicated.

Research involving 2,000 people, commissioned by Bluecrest Health Screening, found just 13% of respondents knew all the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue and cold sweats.

A fifth said they were unaware of the factors that can increase the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease, such as smoking, age and unhealthy eating.

Worryingly, the majority (90%) of respondents had never been tested for signs of cardiovascular disease and 94% said they had never been screened to assess their level of risk.

In fact, respondents admitted they spent more money on average over a five-year period checking the “health” of their boiler, car, pet, mobile phone or broadband connection than their own health, according to the UK Health Gap report.

Just one in five people (21%) in the sample said their health was their number one priority, with only 40% placing it in their top three highest.

Peter Blencowe, managing director at Bluecrest Health Screening, said: “As a nation, we need to better educate ourselves about the risks (both genetic and lifestyle-related) of developing such serious diseases.

“By educating ourselves, proactively managing our health and understanding what can increase our risk of developing cardiovascular disease, we can hopefully work towards reducing the number of people potentially living with heart and circulatory problems.”

The survey also found just 48% of people exercised regularly to maintain their health; 46% aimed to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day; and only 46% either paid regular visits to their GP or were willing to go to their GP to check on any “minor” health worries.

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