Lorry drivers are big winners in league table of fattest workers

Truckers have been unveiled as the UK’s fattest male occupation.

More than 42% of male lorry drivers have a waist band size above the national average of 38 inches, according to a poll of 5,000 men by weight management supplement makers LIPObind.

The second fattest occupation, a third of lawyers have waist bands bigger than the 38-inch average. IT workers came third, doctors fourth and plumbers fifth.

A spokesman for LIPObind, said: “Lorry drivers have a very sedentary job, with hours spent on the road driving past greasy cafés and service stations filled with fast food outlets.

“Lawyers have similar temptations with lavish business lunches and nights out. They are also synonymous with driving smart cars and have less to have time to exercise while holding down such a demanding job.”

The survey also revealed that 84% of men believe the profession you choose can affect your weight. More than one in two employees said they had put on weight because of their eating habits at work.

Earlier this month, it emerged that Weight Watchers was ramping up efforts to run classes during lunch hours and after work to help staff eat more healthily and lose weight.

Occupations with the biggest waistlines (% 38ins and above)

  1. Truckers (42%)
  2. Lawyers (33%)
  3. IT (26%)
  4. Doctor (24%)
  5. Plumber (23%)
  6. Electrician (21%)
  7. Builder (21%)
  8. Engineer (20%)
  9. Police officer (19%)
  10. Shop assistant (15%)

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