New programme launched to combat stress at work

Acclaimed and award-winning naturopath Rumana Zahn has launched a groundbreaking Wellbeing Being at Work programme aimed at helping reduce absenteeism levels in the workplace due to ill health and stress. 

Rumana launched the programme, which is delivered through a series of bite-sized workshops, to help workers become pro-active in their healthcare so that they can maintain wellbeing and prevent future illnesses.

Rumana explained: “Anxiety and stress is the modern-day plague of the workplace and are responsible for an estimated 10.5 million lost working days per year in Britain.*

“In fact, work-related stress is the second biggest cause of employee sickness absence days in the UK, and costs the economy billions every year.”

“There are a number of factors that can affect an employee’s health, including work-life balance, recurring health problems and stress. The programme aims to help employees identify and manage these issues.”

E-business development agency, The North East Regional Portal, recently invested in the programme for its team of 10. Chief Executive Norma Foster said: “As a very busy and professional organisation striving to lead the way in e-business, we set ourselves high standards and therefore commitment is paramount.

“There is a huge difference between the buzz people enjoy from doing a busy job and a workforce unable to cope with strains forced upon them. We are keen to maintain our bright and enthusiastic workforce and ensure that they all had access to information and support if times ever did get tough for them.

“A happy and productive team is critical to the success of any organisation – after all what business can flourish with a burnt-out and miserable workforce?

“Although absenteeism wasn’t an issue, since Rumana delivered the programme productivity has soared and sickness levels have fallen – everyone’s feeling great!”

The Wellbeing at Work programme is divided into six sections and the topics include: nutrition, detoxification, structure, emotional health, mind and thinking and life. Other topics are available and can be selected according to the needs of the organisation.

*According to the Health and Safety Executive

Rumana Health is run by highly talented and respected naturopath Rumana Zahn. Her vision is to encourage individuals to take a pro-active and multi-disciplined approach to achieving the very best of health.

She aims to set high quality standards in the field of ’preventative’ healthcare and for it to be highly regarded and respected, having equal standing alongside modern medicine.

Rumana runs her own health clinic and workshops for individuals and businesses, and has developed a new and innovative programme designed to help improve the health and wellbeing of your staff. The associated benefits could reap massive rewards for your business.

Employee benefits
• Better health and ways to manage health naturally.
• Clearer thinking.
• Less recurring illnesses.

Business benefits
• Improved staff performance and productivity.
• Less employee sickness and absence rates.
• Happier, healthier and motivated workforce.

The seminars and workshops can be delivered on a regular full day, half-day or bite-sized basis.

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