Hogg Robinson launches Expedite expenses management system

International corporate services company Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) today announces the launch of HRG ExpediteTM, a new automated web-based tool designed to simplify the processing of cash expenses.

HRG ExpediteTM has been developed in response to client feedback, identifying the need for a solution specifically for managing cash expenses and offering organisations their first simple step into travel & expense (T&E) automation. It offers a quick return on investment and a robust platform for potential expansion into the full HRG Expense Management solution, which in addition to dealing with cash expenses can also provide pre-approvals, credit card integration and receipt imaging.

HRG ExpediteTM can be implemented on a global basis, quickly, simply and at low cost. As a pre-configured Internet-based solution for cash expenses, there is no need to install specialist software on desktop computers or servers, it can be accessed 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Organisations often manage cash travel and entertainment expenses inefficiently on paper or spreadsheets, resulting in potential errors and delays in payment. However, the implementation of an expense management solution is often seen to be a large, complex and time consuming task, particularly when it comes to claiming and reconciling ‘out of pocket’ cash expenses where the traveller has:

  • used their personal credit card for items such as flights, hotels, rail tickets or car rental
  • paid cash for meals, drinks, taxi fares and other sundry items
  • driven and needs to claim fuel, mileage or other car-related allowances.

HRG ExpediteTM helps to resolve these issues by offering a ready-to-use online cash expense management solution that not only offers an expense reporting solution, but also automates the complete process, right up to triggering reimbursements, and can be deployed in just 10 days.

The solution can be expanded and tailored in the future to fit with an organisation’s evolving business needs, servicing any number of users from anywhere in the world.

Further benefits to business include:

  • Greater control and simplification of purchasing processes
  • Validated data entry to improve tax compliance
  • Online management reporting for one-stop analysis of T&E spend
  • Avoidance of risk by preventing fraud and abuse.

David Smith, Director, HRG Expense Management, commented: “HRG ExpediteTM solution is a simple, cost and time effective way to automate your cash expenses. Businesses can significantly reduce their T&E processing costs, as well as improve analysis of their overall T&E spend to help identify occasions when staff might not be adhering to company policy or where expenditure savings can be made.”

He continued: “HRG ExpediteTM offers the user a multi-currency, multi-lingual online tool, accessible anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection. With no hardware or software costs and with fixed per-user monthly fees in place of transaction based contracts, we are confident that businesses will see a return on investment in less than six months.”

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