NHS occupational health service initiates rebranding

NHS Plus has announced the launch of its new name, NHS Health at Work Provider Network, following its decision in 2010 to undergo a wholesale rebranding exercise.

The move is the first part of a process whereby NHS Plus is to split its commercial activities to improve the health and wellbeing of NHS staff, an idea first mooted back in August 2010 and accelerated following last year’s Boorman review of the NHS.

What it means, in essence, is that NHS Plus has rebranded as the NHS Health at Work Provider Network, while the commercial side of its work will remain badged as NHS Plus.

The network will include 165 NHS occupational health teams as well as “act as a forum for the exchange of information, expertise and best practice and help coordinate service delivery to meet customer need”, said NHS Plus.

Dr Ursula Ferriday, consultant in occupational medicine at Worcester Acute Hospital Trust, will be the first chair of the new rebranded organisation, it has been revealed.

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