NHS pilots launched to support health and wellbeing of staff

Pilot projects testing a new approach to supporting the health and wellbeing of NHS staff are set to get under way next month.

Two-year pilots at 10 NHS trusts across the UK will be launched in the next two weeks, targeting an improvement in staff health and productivity. Dame Carol Black, in her report on the health of working-age people, called for the public sector to lead by example in improving the health of the workforce – this project aims contribute to this.

Health minister Ann Keen said: “It is right that we focus our attention on the health and wellbeing of our own staff, and that this becomes a proactive, preventative approach. Not only is this good for staff it is good for the NHS.”

Clare Chapman, NHS workforce director-general, said: “There are more than 1.3 million staff delivering NHS services in the UK and supporting them to stay healthy matters if services are to continue to improve for patients.”

The pilots are being run by health consultancy vielife, who will provide employees with a wide range of information on health and wellbeing issues. The programme will also introduce a healthy eating programme that will encourages busy staff to eat well. At the end of the first year, staff will be able to reassess themselves to see what improvements they have made.

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