NHS to extend new scheme to reduce manual handling injuries

Talks are under way to roll out an innovative scheme to reduce manual handling injuries in the NHS.

Discussions on extending the ‘All Wales Manual Handling Training Passport and Information Scheme’ across the UK began in July.
The scheme was originally developed by manual handling advisers and has now been adopted across Wales.

It is designed to create consistency in manual handling initiatives so that information is passed on to trusts when specialists move on, and also retained by the trusts from which they are leaving.

It has been largely developed to address huge inconsistencies in the quality of manual handling training delivery in the NHS and includes a modular training course, trainer specifications and standardised documentation, including patient risk assessments.

“It would be a UK-wide scheme, although it will take a while to pull together. There will need to be a big consultation,” said Mary Newsome, OH project manager with NHS Employers.

The NHS-wide scheme will be called the NHS Manual Handling Training Passport and Information Scheme.

The scheme has already led to practical benefits in Wales, with one trust, Bro Morgannwg, seeing an 86% reduction in manual handling incidents.

David Murphy, health and safety adviser at the trust, said: “Significant investments of around 1.2m have been made in the last 12 months to provide trainers, training facilities and a range of standardised manual handling equipment.

“These investments have already resulted in a 75% reduction in reported manual handling incidents and a perceived improvement in staff morale and an improved patient experience.”

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