Occupational health doctors plan standard recruitment process

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) is working to devise a standard, national recruitment structure for occupational medicine.

FOM put out a call to members in December 2013 to ask for help with setting up a working group to meet monthly from January to April with the aim of designing a standard interview process for recruitment into occupational medicine.

“We would like to ensure that the working group can learn from consultants operating the various recruitment processes currently used around the country; the aim is to devise an assessment for the national process that incorporates best practice,” it said.

The move is a precursor to a wider initiative to develop a national school of occupational medicine as well as ongoing work to bring FOM and the Society of Occupational Medicine together as a single body.

At the same time, FOM called for members to get involved in setting up “taster sessions” in the specialty for junior doctors.

The sessions, lasting between a week and a fortnight, were designed to “offer a positive, interesting and stimulating experience of occupational medicine, and hope it would encourage more doctors to consider the specialty as their career”, FOM said.

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