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Fibre to fight MRSA

A fibre stitched into nurses’ uniforms could be used to fight the spread of the MRSA superbug if hospital trials are successful. The manufacturer claims the fibre can kill the bacteria within 20 minutes of coming into contact with it and prevent it being carried around hospitals. Bristol Royal Infirmary and Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are considering testing the uniforms.

Nursing Standard, 11 August

Self-harm assessment

A&E nurses should be carrying out psychosocial assessments on people who self-harm before treating them for their physical injuries, according to new guidelines. Such an assessment should only be delayed if the patient requires life-saving treatment, is unconscious or is incapable of being assessed, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s guidance document Self Harm has said.

Nursing Times, 3 August

Drunk patients linked to rise in violence

Drunk patients could contribute to statistics showing that nurses working shifts are seven times more likely to experience a violent attack than healthcare professionals working standard hours. These findings from the Healthcare Commission’s 2003 NHS Staff Survey also found a quarter of nurses had suffered a violent incident in the previous 12 months.

Nursing Standard, 11 August

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