Step campaign should be cake walk for biscuit makers

United Biscuits is challenging its staff to walk 10,000 steps a day in a bid to improve fitness levels.

All 12,000 staff at the firm have been given a pedometers to monitor their progress.

The firm is also running a six-month poster campaign, providing information on food issues such as obesity, lifestyle, sugar and marketing to children.

Company medical adviser, Clive Harker, said: “There is increasing pressure on food manufacturers to show they are actively informing consumers and staff about the importance of having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

“While many food manufacturers are reacting by communicating this to customers, United Biscuits is one of the first to ensure staff are aware of the food issues affecting them,” said Harker.

“By focusing on our employees, we aim to simultaneously encourage staff to achieve well-being through a balanced diet and active lifestyle and drive our business to the increased levels of productivity brought about by a healthier workforce.”

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