This month’s news in brief

Review of recent absence research OH-based approach

The government’s White Paper on public health has recommended that medical royal colleges should look at how the NHS can support a more OH-based approach to rehabilitation, and that strategic health authorities should be given responsibility for improving OH provision.
Occupational Health, December 2004

Gold standard review

A ‘gold standard’ review of what can be done to help employers and managers better manage mental ill-health in the workplace is being co-ordinated by the British Occupational Health Research Foundation.
Occupational Health, November 2004

Cutting absence

An absence management firm is offering employers access to a nurse triage system that it claims can cut both long and short-term absence by 30%. The system, developed by Active Health Partners, means employees speak to nurses rather than managers in the first instance.
Occupational Health, August 2004

UK staff are stressed

Almost half of all UK workers suffer from stress, and 13% have taken time off work as a result, according to a study by vocational qualifications supplier, City & Guilds. The poll of more than 1,000 employees found 43% suffered from work-related stress.
Occupational Health, June 2004

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