US submarine commander dismissed after oil tanker crash

The importance of providing eye tests for staff was thrown into sharp relief recently. Unfortunately, it remained a bit of a blur for the commander of a US submarine, who was relieved of his duties after his sub crashed into an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

While oil tankers are not known for their delicate proportions, Guru initially had some sympathy for the latter-day captain Nemo, as in stormy conditions it is easy to mistake a ship for a wave, a whale for a squid, and so on.

However, submarines usually come with a heap of electrical equipment to alert the crew to the presence of other large objects.

Guru is also puzzled by the US military’s swift action after this incident involving an inanimate object.

When US personnel crash their missiles into British Forces or subject prisoners to inhumane beatings, for example, they seem less inclined to make remedy. Could it be they are motivated by… oil?

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