Accor Services provides NHS Direct with eyecare vouchers

NHS Direct has teamed up with Accor Services to provide eyecare vouchers across all ten of its regions.

The scheme is a cost effective way for NHS Direct to provide regular sight tests for nearly 3,300 employees that are regular visual display unit (VDU) users.

“We used to reimburse staff for their sight tests but found this caused unnecessary administration, time and financial burdens on the organisation. Using Accor Services eyecare vouchers means they now undertake the administration and ongoing communications strategy. Because the vouchers are tax and NI exempt it also helps us to cut costs,” explains Louise Campbell, National HR Adviser at NHS Direct.

“The scheme, launched in May 2008, is based on pre-paid vouchers. Employees, who are habitual users of a VDU screen, can have their eyesight tested by requesting a voucher. If the employee requires glasses for VDU use another voucher is issued to pay for their prescription,” explains Jason Elliott, eyecare voucher Sales Executive at Accor Services.

The eyecare vouchers can be redeemed at over 95% of optometrists in the UK, making it easily accessible for NHS Direct staff in all locations.

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