Amnesty uses wellbeing programme from Inner Physique

Inner Physique, a leading edge stress management solution provider, is delighted to announce that Amnesty International has engaged in its Complete Wellbeing Programme stress management solution.


In recognising that work-related stress is a very real and difficult challenge to be tackled rather than ignored, Amnesty are embracing standards set by the Health and Safety Executive to protect the health of their employees and ensuring compliance with UK legislative requirements.


Managing Director of Inner Physique, Richard Adams, says, “The International Secretariat of Amnesty International encourages a culture of mutual support and respect within its workforce which this initiative will enhance. The easy to use, web portal based system provides specific tools to monitor and quickly resolve the factors that contribute to stress.”


When asked why Amnesty International had selected Inner Physique as a partner for this initiative Helen Bloomfield, Amnesty’s Human Resources Programme Director said “When I reviewed the Inner Physique website I became quite excited by their holistic approach to managing stress which employees face from different aspects of their life. The self-help approach puts control into the hands of the staff member and helps to raise their awareness of stressors and options to reduce these.  Amnesty International welcomes the opportunity of partnering with Inner Physique in the use of their Complete Wellbeing Programme which incorporates elements of the HSE standards and guidelines to provide a structured and unified approach to the problem of managing stress at the workplace”.


Inner Physique specialises in the provision of highly innovative, low cost and simple to implement stress management solutions that enable organisations of all sizes to comply with UK legislation whilst enhancing employee wellbeing, improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and minimising staff turnover.

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