Businesses set to unlock the door to wellness with Key to Life

Employers are set to benefit from a brand new health and wellbeing service, launched to help promote and optimise wellness in the workplace.

The Key to Life wellness system has been developed specifically for workplace use by The YOU Company with support from medical professionals and in line with current Government initiatives for workplace health and wellbeing. It is a unique, cost effective, tailored system for businesses which employees can use to monitor and record their own individual wellness through a convenient online assessment.

The latest venture from Hossain Rezaei MBE, former chairman and founder of Pride Valley Foods, Key to Life has been designed to help keep an individual well, rather than looking to diagnose a disease, and detects early warning signs of likely ill health including cardiovascular disease, obesity, undiagnosed diabetes and a number of other conditions which are some of the most common causes of ill health in Europe. It assesses the wellbeing of the user with five quick, non invasive biometric tests, then monitors and records results which are specific to the individual, looking at trends in wellbeing and providing advice where needed.

Hossain, who founded The YOU Company in 2006 with the sole aim of creating a company dedicated to preventative healthcare and wellness for the masses, said: “We have been working on this multimillion pound research and development project since The YOU Company began and, with the Key to Life wellness system, we hope to promote a behavioural and attitudinal change towards concentrating on wellbeing, rather than illness.

“Key to Life does not aim to diagnose a disease, but instead focuses on being and staying well through online assessment. From an individual user’s perspective, such as an employee, it can help flag up early warning signs of ill health, including heart disease and strokes, two of the UK’s biggest killers – one in four men and one in six women now dies from coronary disease and 110,000 strokes occur every year.*

“Ill health not only costs the individual, but also places a large burden on the NHS. Strokes, for example, cost the NHS £7billion per year – the direct cost to the NHS is £2.8billion and associated costs, including lost productivity to business, disability and informal care make up the remaining £4.2billion**.

“As well as both individuals and the NHS, ill health also impacts heavily on business performance. 172 million working days are lost to sickness absence every year and sick leave costs £13.2billion per year***. We have made Key to Life available for all businesses which can offer it to employees on its own, or as part of a health and wellbeing offering. The employee will benefit from being able to confidentially monitor and track their own wellness, with a system personalised to them, taking appropriate action if necessary to keep in good health, and the employer will benefit from a healthier, motivated team, reduced absenteeism and increased efficiency and profitability.”


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