Employers urged to support staff displaying symptoms of depression or anxiety

Employers have been urged to recognise the symptoms of depression as part of Depression Awareness Week, as one in six people are diagnosed with depression or chronic anxiety during their lives.

Employee assistance provider CiC wants employers to be able to support workers displaying signs of depression.

“Work environments can be particularly damaging given that employees endeavour to look strong and in control in the workplace,” said a CiC spokesman.

“Appearing weak in a corporate environment is not something many employees will risk. It is important for employers to understand the illness so that they are able to react to and support an employee who is suffering from depression.”

Workers suffering from depression often display a lack of sleep, or frequently fail to turn up for work, according to CiC.

An inability to concentrate or remember things, a loss of interest in matters and a loss of enthusiasm for life are all also indications that there is an underlying root problem.

Depression Awareness Week began on 16 April and continues until 22 April.

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