Healthcare provider issues mental health in the workplace recommendations

mental health in the workplace

A White Paper from AXA PPP healthcare has made a number of recommendations for employers on best practice for managing mental health in the workplace.

The study has followed research by the healthcare provider and insurer, suggesting that more than one in four (27%) UK managers say they feel more comfortable discussing employees’ physical health than their mental health.

And almost two-fifths (39%) of employees who have been diagnosed with or treated for a mental-health-related condition say they feel confident enough to be open about their condition at work.

The White Paper’s recommendations include the following:

Recommendations for employers

  • Setting clear and measurable targets as part of a health and wellness strategy.
  • Training and HR support for line managers.
  • Fostering a positive workplace culture.
  • Encouraging workplace mental health champions.
  • Helping to facilitate returns to work.
  • Helping employees access support and information.
  • Considering initiatives to promote an active workforce.

Recommendations for government

  • Appointing a “mental health champion” for the workplace.
  • Ensuring a cross-departmental approach to mental health.
  • Setting up a Cabinet committee for mental health.

James Freeston, marketing director at AXA PPP healthcare, said: “Employers have a key role to play in fostering a culture of understanding and support for employees with mental health issues.

“Having effective policies and procedures to help line managers to identify mental health issues when they arise can be vital for effective management of the conditions.”

The paper’s publication follows the unveiling of a Government programme of activities to support people with mental health conditions to find, stay in and return to work.

The full paper can be viewed here.

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