Injury and illness at work numbers worst since 2003-04

UK employers are losing more hours to work-related employee ill-health and injuries than in any year the past four years.

Results from the Health and Safety Executive’s 2006-07 Labour Force Survey showed an annual loss of 1.5 days because of ill health and injury caused by work, the highest number since 2003-04, with similar statistics for self-reported illness caused or made worse by work.

One in every 100 workers experienced a non-fatal reportable injury, a total of 274,000, with the highest rates occurring in construction, manufacturing and transport.

More than one million workers were found to be suffering from an illness they believe was caused or made worse by their current or past work, with the highest prevalence rates in health and social work, public administration and defence, and construction.

A spokesperson from the Health and Safety Executive told Personnel Today: “Even in the 21st century there are people being killed, injured and made ill by their work.”

“Very often such injuries or ill health could be eradicated or reduced by practical methods, practices and technology that are already available to manage risk. It’s important for employers to apply those measures and fulfil their moral and legal obligations to protect their workers.”

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