Sickness absence

Managing sickness absence is a key issue for employers. Employee absence is a significant cost to the majority of businesses in the UK.

In addition to the direct costs of employee absence (paying sick pay and paying someone else to perform the absent employee’s work), high levels of absence can demotivate those employees who have to take on the absent employee’s work, cause all-round disruption to productivity and adversely affect an employer’s continuity of service to its clients.

NHS to launch coronavirus recovery support service

The NHS is to launch an on-demand coronavirus recovery service aimed at supporting people with long-term breathing problems, mental health...


Occupational health practitioners: look after yourselves, as well as the workforce

3 Jul 2020

With workload and pressures spiralling for occupational health both inside and outside the NHS, Neil Loach argues it is vital...

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Domestic abuse review to consider salary advances and unplanned leave

10 Jun 2020

The government is considering how victims of domestic abuse can be better supported by their employers and is looking at...

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Presenteeism rife under lockdown, driven by redundancy and workload worries

1 Jun 2020

More than one in three employees (35%) has continued to work while feeling unwell during lockdown, with many feeling that...

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The return to work and the risk of ‘associative discrimination’

22 May 2020

Employers could be exposing themselves to allegations of discrimination if they require employees who live with a clinically vulnerable person to return to work.

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Half of staff worry about disclosing health conditions during pandemic

13 May 2020

Almost half (47%) of employees would feel uncomfortable about telling their employer about a health concern during the coronavirus pandemic,...

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Employers can now refer essential workers for coronavirus tests

24 Apr 2020

Employers of essential workers in England who are self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus can refer them for Covid-19 testing.

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Hairdresser wins £20k after being asked to clean up dog excrement

21 Apr 2020

A hairdresser has been awarded £20,000 at an employment tribunal after her boss asked her to pick up excrement in...

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Covid 19 swab test

Employee Covid-19 tests shrouded in legal uncertainties

20 Apr 2020

Amazon looks to implement employee testing but what are the legal hurdles?

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Furlough: what the updated guidance clarifies, and what it doesn’t

6 Apr 2020

Employers may still have questions even after Rishi Sunak's clarification of the system's details.

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City man stressed out financial services

Financial services staff ‘more stressed than in 2008 financial crisis’

6 Apr 2020

The number of stress-related absences in financial services in the past few years had risen to their highest level since...

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Mental health: why employees don’t ask for help (webinar)

30 Mar 2020

ON -DEMAND | | As coronavirus has an unprecedented impact on people's lives, employees' mental health is in the spotlight. But admitting...

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Self isolation

What you need to know about furlough

27 Mar 2020

Employment lawyer Helen Farr explores the ins and outs of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

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Coronavirus: What employers need to know (webinar)

19 Mar 2020

ON-DEMAND | As the true impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic becomes apparent, employers are facing...

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UK-wide school closures could be imminent

18 Mar 2020

The Prime Minister has said that decisions will be taken “imminently” on school closures in England after devolved parliaments in...

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