New TalentTracker recruitment kit

Logical Innovations, UK provider of TalentTracker online recruitment software has announced a beneficial new feature to support businesses in the coordination of marketing recruitment campaigns.

The Recruitment Kit module is a secure and dedicated web application designed for internal employees to tailor and coordinate recruitment campaigns.

It is designed to take the burden off Head Office Recruitment teams, drive down external attraction costs and allow managers to drive recruitment at a local level.

The Recruitment Kit allows managers the ability to tailor promotional materials with specific information e.g. customising a recruitment poster for use at a local branch.

Recruitment posters and other marketing materials can, for example, be displayed in local stores publicising local vacancies and driving down external recruitment costs.

The Kit can be designed to accommodate a wide range of marketing materials for recruitment, such as billboards or t-shirts.

Logical Innovations Managing Director, David Buchanan commented:

“We have already successfully implemented the Recruitment Kit in the UK retail industry where it is particularly valuable. This module empowers local managers to drive their own local recruitment campaigns, in line with company branding guidelines whilst taking the pressure off Head Office Recruitment staff.”

Managers can quickly create custom posters using a simple wizard which also illustrates the poster to the user as it is being developed.

If appropriate managers can print off materials locally or order directly from Head Office at the touch of a button.

The Kit also ensures all recruitment branding is tightly controlled and used consistently throughout the business.

The Recruitment Kit is an available option with TalentTracker® Enterprise online recruitment systems. The Kit can be tailored to meet individual business and recruitment requirements.

TalentTracker online recruitment systems are designed for medium to large size businesses and help to automate the entire recruitment process.

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