Senior citizens are better off in shopping malls

Following a recent working visit to the Middle East where the demographic profile is much younger than that in the UK, I took myself for an unusual daytime shopping trip to the local supermarket.

I joined a throng of septuagenarians and octogenarians, each wielding a trolley with no apparent sense of direction, oblivious to others around them, many struggling to remember why they were ever there.

Others had stopped in the aisles, blocking thoroughfares whilst holding very loud conversations. The notion that any of these people could be trusted behind the controls of a computer, vehicle or even a broom is fatuous in the least.

Tony Pettengell’s suggestion (Off message, Personnel Today, 13 May) of the cessation of state pensions is too simplistic. By all means let me work for as long as I am capable, but let me join the band of happy ageing shoppers when my time is due!

Michael D Moore

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