Managers can mitigate employee suicide risk

A workplace model may help cut the risk of employee suicide, new research suggests.

An initiative called the Safe Haven Model can be used by line managers as part of an approach to suicide. It consists of three objectives: creating a positive and supportive work environment conducive to psychological wellbeing; increasing managers’ and employees’ awareness of the risk factors for suicide; and promoting the use of workplace and external mental health support services.

Managers are able to build the workplace into an environment or haven that reduces the suicide risk by eliminating psychosocial stressors, providing gatekeeper training and encouraging employees to take up support services, such as an employee assistance programme.

Boccio DE, Macari AM (2014). “Workplace as safe haven: how managers can mitigate risk for employee suicide”. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health, vol.29, issue 1, pp.32-54.

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