National Construction Adviceline opens for employers

The construction industry occupational health service Constructing Better Health (CBH) has launched a helpline for employers.

The National Construction Adviceline, which was unveiled in September 2012, is run in partnership with the NHS-Plus-backed Health for Work Adviceline.

The free helpline, available on 0845 873 7726, offers advice on:

  • getting an employee back to work after long-term sickness;
  • managing the impact on the business of an employee taking time off work because of ill health;
  • supporting an employee still at work but with health issues;
  • supporting an employee off work who wants to return; and
  • developing a working culture where illness is less likely to occur.

Michelle Aldous, the chief executive of CBH, said: “Once again, CBH reinforces its commitment to growing a secure occupational health culture in construction.”

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