News in brief: Occupational Health July

Rehabilitation standards

The UK Rehabilitation Council in May published standards for purchasers, providers and consumers on what to expect and what to look for when it comes to buying, commissioning and using vocational rehabilitation.

Mental health services should report success

Mental health and employment services should regularly report how well they help people to get and keep paid work, a policy paper by the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health has recommended. Mental health services should show how many people using their services gain and sustain paid work as one of their indicators, it added.

Wellbeing qualification

A new qualification aimed at helping managers improve the health and wellbeing of their employees is being piloted by manufacturers’ organisation EEF. The NEBOSH-accredited Management of Health and Wellbeing At Work qualification will cover the effects of health on work and work on health, managing attendance, mental health at work, musculoskeletal disorders, and workplace health promotion. More details from the EEF’s Mike Prince.

BT diabetes programme

A diabetes awareness programme run by BT has highlighted just how many employees may have, or be at risk of, the condition, yet unaware of it. A six-week ‘Work Fit’ programme among its 110,000 staff found that 26% needed further tests as they were found to be at risk, while a third required further advice. Of the 5,200 workers who completed an online risk assessment, more than 2,000 were found to be at medium risk, and 341 at high risk. Nearly half said their awareness of the condition was ‘none’ to ‘little’.

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