News in brief: Occupational Health July

Redundancy linked to increase in drinking

Britons affected by redundancy are increasingly hitting the bottle, a survey by the charity Drinkaware has concluded. Almost four in 10 said they had either been made redundant or knew somebody who had lost their job in the last six months – and of this group, one in 10 said they were drinking more alcohol to help them cope with the stress or said the person they knew was drinking more.

Men’s Health Week

Last month saw National Men’s Health Week running from 15-21 June, with the Men’s Health Forum challenging men to get healthier and take better care of themselves. It also unveiled a 32-page Challenges and Choices manual to help explain everyday health challenges.

Further asbestos risks

Exposure to asbestos may not only cause mesothelioma but also some cancers of the ovary and larynx, scientists have said. A review in the journal Lancet Oncology by World Health Organisation scientists has concluded there is “sufficient evidence” that asbestos can also cause these two forms of cancer, with evidence to suggest it may increase a person’s risk of cancers of the bowel, stomach and throat.

Infection action call

The war on healthcare associated infections will never be won unless radical long-term strategies are introduced to reduce their prevalence, doctors have warned. A report by the British Medical Association has said that short-term solutions, such as alcohol gel, dress code and deep cleansing, must be supplemented by sustainable evidence-based improvements that will protect more patients in the future.

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