Office staff waste too much time on office DIY

British office staff spend more than 32 million hours a year on DIY jobs around their workplace, research reveals.

Everyone from top executives to junior administration staff are helping out to keep the office running smoothly, a poll by handyman service 0800handyman has revealed.

The company worked out on average its handymen will spend 15 hours a month servicing an office with 100 staff.

That means before calling in help, the average worker is spending nine minutes a month on office DIY.

With almost 18 million office workers in the UK, this means 32 million hours a year are being sapped from the economy as staff wrestle with office DIY.

Bruce Greig, who worked in the City before setting up 0800handyman five years ago, said: “Top executives as well as junior staff are wasting time doing these jobs.

“It really is a false economy to have your own staff having a go at odd jobs around the office when they should be getting on with their own work.

“One executive who would be earning six figures told us that he had spent an hour framing an awards certificate for being named sales executive of the year.”

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