Pathways to Work pilots deemed useful aid for benefits claimants

The Pathways to Work pilots designed to help incapacity benefit claimants back into the workplace have become a key part of the “jigsaw of support” such claimants are now able to access, the government has said.

A report by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), collated from interviews with 30 benefit claimants, found the pilot’s in-work support element was not the only, or even primary, form of support used, but was nevertheless considered useful.

For those with mental health issues, low self-confidence and patchy work histories, it was cited as a “very” and often “the most” important source of support, the DWP said.

But the report also argued there was a need for clarification of the role of the in-work support adviser when working with specialists such as occupational health.

It recommended that “criteria for referral are clearer and so that all parties can have confidence that customers are getting appropriate support”.

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