Praxis42 introduces mLearning courses

Health and safety consultancy and training company Praxis42, has announced the introduction of a new training course in the Safe Use of Mobile Devices.
Already known for its innovative approach to health and safety training, Praxis42’s new course is completely unique; it is delivered as a mobile learning (mLearning) solution to meet the training needs of workforces that are increasingly mobile. 
Mike Stevens, Praxis42’s Head of Training said:

“As technology changes and improves, it brings with it both risks and opportunities. As the use of mobile devices has become prevalent then the health and safety risks have also increased.

“Mobile devices can be a causal factor in many accidents and inappropriate use can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and ill health in users.”
He continued:

“The unsafe use of mobile devices is a risk and therefore awareness training is an important part of any organisation’s risk reduction approach.”
Praxis42’s mLearning course in the safe use of mobile devices in one of a range of health and safety modules the company is now offering as a learning intervention. 

The training is similar to the eLearning concept being used by many organisations but the content is delivered to a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA.
mLearning is an additional way to support learning across the workforce.

Users like mLearning as a way of learning while on the move, in between or in preparation for meetings.

The mLearning is accessed on a mobile device through either a memory card, an internet connection or downloaded to the mobile device to be used wherever or whenever the trainee wants to undertake the training.
Praxis42’s mLearning can be deployed across all industries and all sectors where employees are able to access or share a mobile device.

This solution offers the ability for anyone to refresh themselves of important information as well as providing their initial health and safety training.
Mike continued:

“The safe use of mobile devices course is an excellent example of how mLearning can be applied to provide training interventions and offers a risk reduction solution to protect all mobile device users.”
The Safe Use of Mobile Devices course deals with the known hazards of using mobile devices such as when driving or working in hazardous environments.

It helps ensure the health and safety of employees by making them aware of some of the dangers and the sensible precautions that can be taken while using mobile devices as well as ensuring the employer has met its duty of care and compliance obligations.
Other Praxis42 courses now available as mLearning solutions include Fire Safety and Office Safety.

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