Auto Time introduces leasing programme

Companies can get through the current economic gloom by managing their employees better rather than wielding the axe, says leading workforce management provider Auto Time Solutions.
With many still feeling the strain of the credit crunch, the topic of surviving the economic downturn is still a prevalent issue. 
The first thing many business owners will do in reaction to a slow down is to look at cost cutting measures. This normally results in staff being laid off.
But businesses should think again before taking radical action says Christian Berenger, Business Development Director at Auto Time Solutions.
He says: “Unlike past recessions, where organisations indiscriminately slashed their workforces to cut costs, this time around companies need to give more thought to how they can better utilise their employees and help them be more productive.
“The uncertain economy inevitably calls for caution in IT spending but the smarter decision makers should use it as an opportunity to find new ways to operate more efficiently.

“Investing in one of the latest time and attendance solutions could be hugely worthwhile. Unlike other cost cutting measures, automating manual timekeeping processes can have an immediate impact on any business, in some cases reducing payroll costs by up to 5%.”
The latest workforce management solutions can make it easier than ever for managers to keep close control over staffing levels and productivity.
Scheduling shift patterns can forecast business demand based on historical data for seasonal, weekly, daily, and hourly periods to help managers determine how many people they’ll need and what skills will be required.
Moreover, with the right system in place, an organisation can improve customer service by resolving periods of understaffing and reduce costs by eliminating periods of overstaffing.
Likewise, managers can gain a greater insight into absences and use historical data to highlight trends and occurring patterns.
Christian Berenger adds:

“Time management systems have advanced considerably over the past decade and are now key management tools for companies that have complex shift patterns in place.

“Not only that, they include vital management information on training, appraisals, work schedules, health and safety and emergency roll calls, providing managers with the visibility they need to make informed decisions.
In a bid to help companies get through the current economic climate, Auto Time Solutions has announced the introduction of an equipment lease programme of their workforce management systems.
Leasing equipment is quickly becoming the favoured choice for many growing and established businesses around the country.

Small business owners find it especially attractive because the lower monthly cost is much easier to budget for rather than a large one-off payment.
Under the leasing agreement, customers will no longer be required to purchase the Auto Time equipment upfront but will still receive full customer service support throughout the contract.

What’s more, since the solutions can be refreshed and updated at the end of a lease, businesses will never be stuck with aging equipment.
On the leasing agreement, Christian Berenger says:

“We think this is what a lot of customers have been waiting for. The leasing option helps new customers get the latest workforce management system for a significantly lower upfront investment.

“The upfront fee is always the most challenging hurdle, particularly in this economy. Leasing an Auto Time solution is an affordable way for businesses to effectively manage their staff while at the same time staying ahead of the technology curve.”

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