Safety, Health & Environmental Forum Scotland focuses on eye safety

The Safety, Health & Environmental Forum Scotland (SHEFs), the oldest safety organisation in Scotland, has met to consider eye safety in the workplace. Dona McLafferty, Corporate Account Manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, was invited to speak as an expert in the field and was able to report to the forum on the lack of understanding in the workplace regarding VDU regulations and the imminent and much needed changes to the law regarding drivers’ eyesight. Dona presented the findings of comprehensive research into the health and safety aspects workplace eyecare.

The forum represents a wide cross-section of industry with 139 participants from all areas including: Construction, Engineering, Public Sector, Retail, IT, Shipping, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Transport, Manufacturing and Education. Dona McLafferty joined SHEFs as a member in 2004 and secured a place on the SHEFs committee early last year. Dona was one of only two members of the committee asked to make a presentation this year.

Shabbir Hussain,  an Optometrist and Director at the Specsavers store in Hamilton, supported the presentation with an in-depth knowledge of ocular health. He highlighted the importance of not just checking for clear vision but also examining the health of the eye, which can lead to diagnosis of systemic diseases, eye disease and life-threatening conditions.

Dona McLafferty said, “We were delighted to be invited to present at this event and to inform SHEFs’ members about concerns and progress in the eyecare industry. Maintaining the health of the eye can have positive effects across all areas of work and home life.”

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