Snow: A guide for employers on pay, leave, safety and employee rights during severe weather

Snow, ice and extreme temperatures continue to plunge the UK into chaos, meaning that HR and employers have more people-related challenges than usual regarding: absence and attendance, pay, leave, health and safety and the rights of their staff.

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Up-to-date information and guidance on employment issues during severe weather: including snow, floods and heat waves, is available here.

This page collates all content from Personnel Today, XpertHR and beyond, relevant to the freezing weather across Britain and how employers are coping.

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UK snow: A guide for employers on pay, leave and employee rights during severe weatherDiscussions about the snow from HR Space Additional snow-related resources

XpertHR has all the resources an employer will need on the legal and good practice issues involved in managing organisations through severe weather conditions (subscription required):

Severe weather and disruptions to public transport policy
How to deal with employment issues caused by severe weather or disruptions to public transport

Q&A: Winter chaos and your rights – although beware of legal inaccuracies as highlighted by David Shepherd here
UK weather forecast 

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