Specialists called in to deal with terror trauma

Last week’s attempted bomb attack on London’s transport network – the second in two weeks – produced another resilient reaction from the capital’s workforce.

But, recognising that their staff are only human, many London employers have brought in psychologists and counsellors to help those most badly affected.

Employee support company Icas has sent trauma specialists out to 11 organisations in the past two weeks, including construction firm WS Atkins and Microsoft.

Icas chairman Michael Reddy said: “What employees needed in the first days after the [7 July] bombing was a constant flow of information and news, a sense of safety and employer understanding for people struggling to get to and from work.”

This was followed up with counselling services and support for HR managers, he said.

IT outsourcing firm Serco Solutions, which lost an employee who was travelling to work through Tavistock Square on the number 30 bus on 7 July, was one of those that called in Icas.

“Once it became clear he was involved, staff were worried and very sensitive,” said Peter Ward, HR operations manager at Serco.

Employees were counselled in small groups and offered a crisis hotline to call if they wanted to talk through their feelings. The wife of the employee who died was also offered the service.

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