Specsavers launches improved corporate deal

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has launched an improved offering for its corporate clients, significantly increasing the benefits seen by businesses and employees alike.

For a cost to the employer of just £17 for a VDU voucher, the employee could now receive a value of up to £82 on eyecare, whilst the business will receive the associated gains of offering an additional employee benefit.

As the leading provider of eyecare services to the private, public and voluntary sectors, Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has increased the worth of all aspects of its VDU voucher offering.

Making this the best VDU deal in the market, a £17 VDU voucher now includes: 

·        A full eye examination and eyesight test

·        The provision of a pair of single vision glasses, selected from the £45 range, when they are required solely for VDU use

·        The opportunity for employees to add their own contributions to upgrade to any of the Specsavers glasses ranges, taking advantage of in-store offers such as 2 for 1, whilst still benefiting fully from the £45 contribution towards the total purchase

·        A £20 Premium Club discount that can be used against any purchase from the £99 range and above, even for employees who do not require glasses solely for VDU purposes

·        A choice of both metal and plastic frames from a range of 150

The scheme allows employees to meet their obligations under the Health & Safety Display Screen Regulations in one transaction, with one voucher.

The vouchers can be bought in advance by the employer, dramatically reducing administration times and costs. 

Laura Butler, Corporate Account Manager, for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare comments: “We believe this is the best eyecare offer corporate clients have ever been given. The vouchers offer exceptional value to the employer and exceptional worth to the employee, as a low-cost and virtually admin-free employee benefit. Employers know that they are meeting the VDU regulations and can enjoy the feeling of security of using the trusted name of Specsavers to look after the eyesight of their staff.”


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