Survey highlights demand for business skills development

Senior corporate training professionals regard the variety of content, brevity of videos, clarity and simplicity of site design and overall interactivity as key compelling factors in online-distributed, video-based business skills training.

The findings are from research conducted by Digital Training Videos, whose fast-growing online library of affordable, on-demand video films communicating key training needs is officially launched at April’s HRD 2008 event in London ExCel.

Specially designed to meet learning needs across the organisational hierarchy, from strategic senior CEO levels to foundation entry positions, DTV’s training and development contents are based on intensive in-depth research, consultation and advice from industry leaders, authors, lecturers & professors at major UK universities and business schools.

The survey was based on validated responses from a sample of 107 senior UK learning and development professionals attending last November’s World Of Learning Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham.

It found 51% of the respondents were from companies employing more than 1,000 employees. 

Some 52% of these managed budgets of between £50,000 to £250,000 and 33% said they allocate up to 30% of their budget to digital learning solutions.

59% of respondents rated business soft skills as ‘very important’ with in-house training, video/ DVD purchases and e-learning the top three most common methods of training soft skills in the current business landscape.

Focusing on communications, teamwork and leadership advice, DTV delivers engaging, relevant, up-to-date business skills videos direct to desktops.

Core benefits in DTV’s training are greater value, flexibility, choice, quality and trackability.

Respondents shown the DTV offer said the factors that were the most compelling for them were the variety of topic content, the brevity and succinctness of the videos, clarity and simplicity of site design and its overall interactivity and usability.

Overall, 49% of respondents indicated that they were ‘quite’ or ‘highly’ interested in sourcing soft skills training for personnel from the DTV library if the pricing and content were right for them.

“The survey shows that, in a fast-changing marketplace, demand for enhanced professional skills in leadership, communication and decision-making is increasing,” says Head of DTV Sean Walsh.

“In DTV, we aim to provide the choice and flexibility to take learning into the home and workstation with high quality, relevant content that entertains and educates.

 “We believe that the payback for both individual and employer is shared intellectual health and wealth,” he adds.

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