Specsavers offers cost-saving eyecare options to public sector

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare is offering cost-saving eyecare solutions to the public sector.

The company has introduced simple voucher schemes, aimed at giving easy-to-implement, cost-effective eyecare, with a consistent level of benefit for all employees.

The Specsavers voucher schemes cover both general optical care and action needed to cover employers under the regulations regarding VDU use.

Vouchers are purchased by the employer directly from Specsavers and are then simply handed out to employees.

Employers no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers or work out who is covered and for what treatments, all they have to do is purchase and distribute the vouchers.

An Optical Care Voucher from Specsavers costs the employer just £35 to purchase and covers:

  • A full eye examination at any of over 600 Specsavers Opticians stores throughout the UK

  • A pair of glasses, including Pentax single vision lenses, from Specsavers’ £45 range or:

  • A pair of non-prescription sunglasses from a selected range instore

  • A scratch-resistant treatment on all lenses

  • Employees can use the voucher as a £45 contribution towards the cost of higher-priced items. This can include glasses from a higher-priced range or more specialised requirements like bifocal or varifocal lenses.

A £17 Visual Display Unit (VDU) voucher from Specsavers (equivalent to the cost of an eye examination in most Specsavers Stores) covers:

  • A full eye examination and eyesight test

  • The provision of a pair of single vision glasses, selected from the £45 range, when they are required solely for VDU use

  • The opportunity for employees to add their own contributions to upgrade to any of the Specsavers glasses ranges, taking advantage of in-store offers such as 2 for 1, whilst still benefiting fully from the £45 contribution towards the total purchase

  • A £20 Premium Club discount that can be used against any purchase from the £99 range and above, even for employees who do not require glasses solely for VDU purposes

  • A choice of both metal and plastic frames from a range of over 100

The scheme allows employees to meet their obligations under the Health & Safety Display Screen Regulations in one transaction, with one voucher.

Jim Lythgow, director for strategic alliances for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, says:

“Our range of vouchers makes it simple and cost-effective for employers to offer eyecare to employees at all levels. They also make it very easy to fulfil health and safety obligations.

“And because eye examinations can give early warnings for serious conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, employers will not only be protecting their employees’ eyesight but also providing a valuable health benefit.”

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