Favourite blogs: Breathing space HR, Employment buddy, and Effortless HR

Breathing space HR

A UK HR blog – rarer than you might think – written by the delightfully named Suzie Bogle, an HR consultant and strategy adviser with 15 years’ in-house experience. Bogle is obviously passionate about HR. She evidently reads around the topic – her blogs are often comments or angles on reports or articles she has seen, and as such represent a useful tool for anyone without the time to do the reading themselves. This is a relatively new blog, launched in November 2008, but this is actually an advantage – too many bloggers let their blogs lapse after the initial enthusiasm, whereas Bogle is still very much in the honeymoon period.

Employment buddy

Employmentbuddy bills itself as ‘Clarkslegal’s user-friendly online employment law resource and HR support service’, and claims to be ‘ideal for those on a limited HR budget’. The actual blog very new, and you’ll find that clicking on several of the subject headers will take you through to a ‘There are no posts in this category’ notice, but the overall site has plenty of good comment. This may be one worth keeping an eye on.

Effortless HR

Blogger Lola Kakes is a US-based HR generalist with a particular interest in SMEs. Americanisms such as ‘Hey guys and gals’ may grate on you, but as their economy is possibly in an even worse state than ours, Kakes’ posts are topical. Few HR practitioners, wherever they are, won’t want to read ‘Training employees in a tight economy’, ‘Avoiding layoffs in a down economy’ or even ‘Domestic violence doesn’t remain at home’.

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