Stressed women workers driven to edge by credit crunch

Female employees are more stressed at work than their male counterparts because of pressure caused by the credit crunch.

Research by Bupa UK Health Insurance indicates that six out of 10 women fear for their finances compared to less than half of men.

Similarly, one in every two women is experiencing increased stress at work, in contrast to just over a third of men.

Dr Paula Franklin, deputy medical director for Bupa, said it wasn’t specifically a gender issue.

“It’s not so much the battle of the sexes – but the battle of the stresses,” said Franklin. “Women are certainly bearing the brunt of Britain’s stress, both at home and in the workplace, and the situation is being worsened by the impact of the credit crunch.”

“At turbulent times like these, when stress levels are soaring, looking after your health and wellbeing must be a priority.”

Sleep, a good diet and regular exercise are recommended ways to combat stress, but Bupa’s research found just over a third of women take some form of regular daily exercise, and two out of five women consider themselves overweight.

Meanwhile, research by insurer AXA found that more than a third of workers are suffering from stress due to problems with personal finances.

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