This month’s news in brief

Bosses unhealthy

British bosses are overweight, under-exercised and unhealthy, according to a survey of 500 business leaders by catering firm Avenance. It found that almost half – 47 per cent – were overweight, 55 per cent admitted that they did not take enough exercise and 20 per cent admitted that they took no exercise at all.

Commuting hazard

Commuters battling to get to and from work can experience greater stress levels than fighter pilots or riot police, a study has suggested. The survey, part-funded by IT firm Hewlett-Packard, compared the heart rates and blood pressure of 125 commuters with pilots and police officers.

Call for HIV policies

The TUC has urged employers to put in place clear and effective HIV and Aids policies in the workplace. Its call came ahead of a conference in December on tackling Aids and HIV in the workplace. It is estimated around 53,000 people are living with HIV in the UK.

Sick should stay home

People who struggle in to work when they are ill risk shortening their lives, according to researchers at University College London. Some workers had twice the rate of heart disease, the 10-year study of 10,000 civil servants concluded. It blamed the stress from working when ill as putting people at greater risk of heart disease.

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