Workplace health alliance launched to help employers find services

A new workplace health “one-stop shop” has been launched, combining free online expertise and advice for employers and the general public, an “ask the expert” forum, and a more specialised advice, networking and knowledge-sharing area for members.

The Better Health at Work Alliance (BHWA) was founded by Charlotte Cross, who was previously instrumental in setting up the Commercial Occupational Health Providers’ Association, and the working group that evolved into the Council for Work and Health.

The alliance currently has about 30 signed-up members, ranging from occupational health providers through to physiotherapists, ergonomists and technology firms, and a further 100 individuals who have pre-registered to join, Cross told “Occupational Health & Wellbeing”.

“Our aim is to represent the whole health and wellbeing industry. There are, of course, many professional and specialist groups and bodies that already represent their own areas, and do it exceptionally well,” she said.

“Our aim is not to compete with these, but simply to be a platform where employers, providers and individuals can come together to find services, share knowledge and get guidance. We will also be publishing collaborative wikis and guides, all of which will be subject to peer review,” she added.

One member of the new body is OH provider Medigold Health, whose chief executive, Alex Goldsmith, said: “A forward-thinking initiative like this is long overdue in the health and wellbeing at work sector, which is sometimes guilty of being too inert. As pioneers in occupational health, we are excited to be part of an alliance that is at the forefront of developing our industry via the specialists, organisations and individuals that work within it.”

More detail on the new alliance can be found here.

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