City staff struggle with recession blues

Finance staff are increasingly going to rehab to deal with problems brought on by the recession.

Employees facing increased workloads and the threat of redundancy have been seeking help for anxiety, depression, stress and addiction-related issues – although few are committing to in-patient treatment for fear of losing their jobs, according to the Times.

The Priory, the famous celebrity rehab centre, has witnessed a 20% increase in inquiries in the past six months, while Capio Nightingale Hospital, London’s only independent mental health hospital, saw a 200% rise in treatment inquiries between July and September 2008.

A spokesman for The Priory said: “We are getting about five inquiries from the City a week, compared with two a year ago.”

A survey by Coventry University and the Work Life Balance Centre found stress was rife among workers nationwide, with 62% of employees feeling their workload has increased in the past year, and almost one-third feeling ‘out of control’ in their jobs. This led to absenteeism rates almost doubling, with 58% of the days lost attributed to stress.

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