Gordon Brown sets his sights on workplace health

The Rt Honourable Gordon Brown has certainly been ‘on the case’ where health matters are concerned. Determined to become the Saviour of the NHS, he’s even started learning the ‘lingo’ and has made known that a ‘large injection of cash’ has been given to NHS Plus to improve the health of the country’s working people.

Brown would certainly have gained far more kudos if his clearout of the old Cabinet had been described as a ‘large enema’ of departmental staff.

Not that you’re likely to have noticed, but we now have a new team with ‘hands on – top level’ medical credentials at the Department of Health. It boasts the oft described ‘brilliant surgeon’ Sir Ara Darzi, whose name unfortunately rhymes with a lavatorial slang term. Ann Keen will assist the great doctor in true Carry On fashion no doubt, as she carries the lamp for nursing into the bowels of Westminster, and last but not least, Al the Postman, presumably put in charge so that the punters will receive the cancellation letters for surgery before they have actually been admitted.

Having said all that, I can only remember one occasion when the Shadow Secretary of State actually uttered a sentence mentioning the health of working people – I’m still reeling from the shock of it.

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