Government in firing line over discrimination against those with HIV

Goverment policies have been blamed for fuelling discrimination against people with HIV.

A study by the National Aids Trust and Sigma Research found gay men and African people living with HIV in the UK face widespread discrimination.

The report said negativity could come from employers, families and communities, and said the Government needed to rethink its policies on asylum and immigration.

It branded the ban on allowing asylum seekers to seek legal employment as ‘harmful’ as it damaged people’s ability to support themselves.

The report recommended that the Government take action to make it easier for all people living with HIV to work, including education for employers about HIV, flexible working and job sharing.

Deborah Jack, chief executive of the National AIDS Trust, said: “This research highlights the continuing stigma associated with HIV and the discrimination faced by people living with the virus.

“Action is urgently needed by the Government, communities and HIV organisations to break down this stigma which has consequences for both individuals and for public health,” she added.

The report said the fear of dismissal meant many people were not disclosing their HIV status to employers.

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