Flexible working

All employees with 26 weeks' service have the right to request a change to their hours, timing or location of work. Flexible working can improve productivity but it brings with it various issues for employers. Here we highlight our latest flexible working content, including guidance on how to handle flexible working requests, and other content on working from home, changing working hours, and the risk of discrimination claims.


Working at home has led to longer hours

Loss of creative collaboration and working for an extra week a month among findings from pandemic studies of working at home.

Thousands of BP staff may switch to remote working permanently

12 Aug 2020

BP is planning to shift almost 50,000 of its employees to remote working as it reviews its office portfolio and...

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More support for carers needed to keep staff in work

11 Aug 2020

Research by Carers UK has shown that employers are seeing the health, wellbeing and productivity of their workforces adversely impacted...

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TUC issues heat warning for workers at home and in the office

10 Aug 2020

High temperatures pose questions of home-working as staff swelter without air conditioning or water coolers and the TUC asks employers for 'flexibility'.

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Two-thirds continued to work while on furlough

10 Aug 2020

Researchers found that men were significantly more likely than women to work while on furlough.

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empty office

UK lags behind Europe on returning to office

6 Aug 2020

France, Italy, Spain and Germany well ahead of UK when it comes to returning to the office.

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Return to workplace still urged despite growth in infections

31 Jul 2020

Employers are encouraged to bring workers back to workplaces if it is safe to do so, even though the government...

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Is it really the end of the office?

31 Jul 2020

Employees’ desire to continue working from home has prompted many firms to consider whether the office is truly necessary. But,...

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Out of sight: how to manage remote teams

31 Jul 2020

Managing people remotely for any length of time puts the onus on leaders to learn a new set of tools.

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Supporting neurodivergent staff in the post-lockdown workplace

31 Jul 2020

Matthew Trerise and Angela Armstrong discuss the challenges neurodivergent people may experience when returning to the workplace post-lockdown, with practical...

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NHS to focus on flexible working and staff wellbeing

30 Jul 2020

Flexible working, education and health and wellbeing are at the forefront of the new NHS People Plan, which the government...

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Coronavirus and travel: seven questions about quarantine

28 Jul 2020

On Saturday, the government announced that anyone returning from Spain, including the Balearics and Canaries, must self-isolate on their return...

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Spanish holidays: how should employers handle staff quarantine?

27 Jul 2020

Employers should prepare policies that outline how they will handle employees who are forced to quarantine after travelling abroad.

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Workers least able to work from home are mostly men

22 Jul 2020

Men are more likely to be among those workers least able to work from home, while higher-paid employees are more...

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RBS Group staff to work from home until 2021

21 Jul 2020

Some 49,000 staff at RBS Group have been told to continue working from home until at least 2021.
The banking...

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