HR feedback: What HR directors think about GP availability

Lucy Lofting, HR director, TGRD Europe“Availability of medical care is a step forward if the commuting population is to manage its health proactively rather than wait until it breaks down to the point employees are sick and off work.”

Cara Davani, Corporate director, Genesis Housing Group

“From an employer perspective, I have very little positive to say about GPs. Their role is patient-focused, which can be very obstructive.”

Anne Jessopp, HR director,  Remploy

“Almost routinely, the GP is not aware of the work situation and does not consider alternative approaches to managing the visit to the GP, seeing the only outcome as a certificate to desist from all work.”

Saudagar Singh, HR director, RWE Npower

“Over the years, while access to services and products outside normal working hours has vastly improved across all sectors, access to GPs has unfortunately deteriorated.”

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