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Charities need your help

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is looking for people with HR skills and knowledge to help charities. The CIPD is supporting a mentoring initiative being run by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations in a bid to drive up the quality of employment practice in the voluntary sector. Contact CIPD employee relations adviser, Ben Willmott, on 020 8263 3289 or e-mail

Stair-climbing Scots

NHS Health Scotland is launch-ing a new stair-climbing campaign to encourage workers to use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. The Health Scotland campaign follows research that showed that just seven minutes of stair climbing a day cuts the chances of dying from coronary heart disease by 62 per cent, and halves the risk of a heart attack.

Fat-cat report rejected

Unions and business leaders have both rejected the findings of a government-sponsored report on boardroom pay, which said excesses have been reigned in, but that more guidelines were necessary. Unveiling the findings of the Deloitte report last week, trade and industry secretary, Patri-cia Hewitt, said better disclosure on directors’ pay was leading to improved dialogue between companies and shareholders.

No cash for equal pay

Trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt has ruled out any extra cash to fund equal pay, des-pite union warnings that prevari-cating could cost it more in future. Speaking at Unison’s ‘Women at Work’ discussion last week, Hewitt said it was not realistic to expect the Government to plug the equal pay gap. She said leaders and managers in the public sector should look to “balance funding demands”, such as efficiency.

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